Business Ethics

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Business Ethics

Long Term Relationships

“We have built (and continue to build) our business on long term relationships.  We will avoid a culture of short-term contracts driven solely by price, in favour of stable, long-term, trusting partnerships designed to achieve efficiency, create safer environments and avoid unnecessary anxiety.”


We are an independent company and as such are void of any vested interest. To support this we do not have any financial or any other reciprocating relationship with any other provider/installer of fire safety products.



During the course of our business we have noted (what is considered to be) reliable, trustworthy and professional providers of fire safety equipment/installations who, if requested, will be recommended.

We pride ourselves in:

  • Providing bespoke reports – no tick box pro-formas used here.
  • Our assessor is listed on the Institution of Fire Engineers Third Party Accredited Directory. This provides you with assurances that you’ll be getting qualified, experienced and knowledgeable advice that meets with the expectations of The Fire Safety Order 2005.
  • Provide follow up advice from a single point of contact.

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Our independence ensures that we provide advice that comes without any vested interest.