About Fire Master (SW) Limited

Personal and Exceptional Service

FireMaster is an independent fire safety consultancy operating in England and Wales.

Since forming in 2007 FireMaster has rapidly grown into a thriving business and now boasts a varied portfolio of clients including local and national social housing providers, private estate management service providers, public bodies, insurers, commercial organisations (to include large multi-nationals) and private individuals.


Our ‘tight and compact’ structure ensures clients benefit from a single point of contact throughout our business relationship. Rest assured we will provide you with an exceptional level of service at all times.

Because we understand the pressures and strains felt by individuals tasked with projects, Firemaster will always be pro-active with quick and prompt advice to queries arising throughout any undertaking.


Where necessary, consultation with the authorities can be entered. In the first instance, agreement is always sought, however, if appropriate, FireMaster will challenge them via the appropriate channels if they believe they are taking an unreasonable stance.


Mark Evans


Mark Evans is committed to raising the level of fire safety consultancy and as such has qualified to nationally recognised fire safety and training standards as well as being listed on the Institution of Fire Engineers Life Safety (Fire) Risk Register.


Mark served with Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service for over 20 years in which time he gained invaluable operational experience.

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Our independence ensures that we provide advice that comes without any vested interest.