Fire Engineering and Fire Strategy

Fire Engineering and Fire Strategy


FireMaster is a fire engineering and fire strategy company operating throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset


Fire Engineering / Fire Strategy – Building Regulation Compliance

How can FireMaster help?

With our knowledge and experience covering all building types, FireMaster can produce a bespoke fire strategy document for your project.  Points covered invariably include:

  • applicable legislation and its impact
  • building description including layout and materials
  • intended occupancy with consideration for additional measures necessary for disabled persons
  • required safe escape times
  • evacuation strategy
  • proportionate fire loading and ignition points.
  • security and protection against the threat of arson
  • fire detection and alarm systems
  • means of escape; to include, maximum occupancy, minimum exits, minimum exit widths, travel distances and fire resistance/protection
  • smoke ventilation and sprinklers or misting systems
  • fire compartmentation
  • fire safety signage
  • emergency lighting
  • surface linings and structure effecting internal fire spread
  • fire resistance required of elements of structure
  • external fire spread and protection of notional and real boundaries
  • fire safety management arrangements including, the fire procedure, staff training, inspection and review requirements
  • access and facilities for the fire and rescue service; to include, vehicular access, fire-fighting access to and within the building, rising mains and hydrants.

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